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DCGL Management Consultants

Our Senior Team

Our senior team consists of experienced strategists, innovators, operators and trainers.

Maitland Hyslop

Dr. Maitland Hyslop

Maitland is a Director of DCGL. He has wide experience in the oil and gas, aviation and health sectors at C- Suite level.

Maitland has  a PhD in ‘Organisational Security’, has an MSc in International Marketing, an MA in Middle Eastern Studies  and a BA in Geography .

He is author of Gower’s ‘Obstructive Marketing’, Springer’s ‘Critical Information Infrastructure: Resilience and Protection’ and Northumbria’s ‘Improving Inventory Control in the Oil and Gas Industry’.

He was a Telecommunications Security Research Fellow at Northumbria University, a Charter Member of Institute of Information Protection (Homeland Security) at Dartmouth, USA and a working group member for the European Network Information and Security Agency.

Areas of expertise

  • Organisational Security and Resilience
  • 'Blockchain', Fintech and Regtech
  • Globalisation
  • Economic Development and Inward Investment
  • Oil and Gas
  • IT
  • Health

Contact: m@dcgl.co.uk

James Royds

James Royds is a former Chairman of the Business Continuity Institute.


An international, influential and experienced risk, crisis, emergency management, business continuity and organisational resilience professional. A strong self-starter with polished, intelligent and discrete executive style. Diplomas in: Management Studies, Risk and Security; a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

James has enjoyed 20 years as a technical adviser, independent consultant, occasional writer, speaker and contributor to the resilience community. He is currently the Executive Chairman of MONDIALE Advisory Services (a MONDIALE Group company) and is the recent Chairman of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), 2010-2012. He has recently completed three years on the BCI’s Risk and Governance committee (2012-2015), with a specific interest in, and focus on, developments in the GCC and Asia.

Contact: j@dcgl.co.uk


Ed Gibson

Ed Gibson

In addition to his DCGL work Ed is currently developing a global embassy attaché group. Prior to this he was a consultant with Alvarez & Marshal, Microsoft’s Cyber-Security Chief in the UK and former head of security for the USA Embassy in London. He is both a USA Lawyer and a UK Solicitor.

Ed is a trusted, high profile advisor & leader in the identification of gaps in physical & cyber security governance and compliance initiatives for multi-site multi-national corporations, and the implementation of solutions. Seasoned company management liaison, adept at bridging challenging gaps to open results-focused lines of communication with clients and government regulators. Perceptive solution builder, resolving corporate disputes for the benefit of all stakeholders. Proven record of building critical relationships internally with heads of physical, IT security, insider and external fraud programs, HR, and externally with regulators, government elites, policy-makers, industry peers.

Areas of Expertise:


  • Strategic & Operational Planning

  • Physical & Cyber Security Gap Analysis

  • Establishing Strategic Relationships (IT & physical security teams, and Management)

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • Insider Fraud

  • Complex Money Laundering (Identification and Prevention)

  • Corporate Law

  • Use of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (MLAT) to secure protected data

  • Cross-Border Civil & Criminal Warrants
  • Foreign & Domestic Diplomacy
  • International Fraud

  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

  • Data Privacy and cross-border transfer protections

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Developing multi-national Corporate Roadmaps for physical, cyber, and IT protection and remediation.


    Contact: ​e@dcgl.co.uk

Amanda Goodger


Is a customer focused, energetic and dedicated risk-based cybersecurity/resilience professional. IShe has been recognised for delivering results at multiple levels, with more than 25 years’ experience in Cybersecurity, Resilience and Enterprise Architecture, Risk Management and Systems Engineering across various areas (including the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)/Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) across various sectors including government, energy etc.); familiar with ISO/IEC 20000, 27001 and 22301 family of standards, HMG accreditation processes and policy development, and information risk assessment and management. She is able to speak in any situation, using both business and technical language.

Contact: a@dcgl.co.uk


Our Extended Team


Niki Taylor: Retail Strategist. Former adviser and director to UK high street majors.

James Knowles: Specialist in integrated IT and logistics management. Formerly of the Spar retail organisation.

Sue Watson: Specialist in buying, supply chain managment and production efficiencies. Formerly of Nissan UK.

Gary Scott: Specialist in inward investment, economic development, production efficiencies. Formerly of the UK DTI and One NorthEast.

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