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Our Unique Models

The 'Obstructive Marketing' Model - this model identifies what is stopping you getting into the markets you need to be in.

The 'GF' context model  - is  a model that places your organisation in the correct context. This informs:

The 'Gray' Risk Model - this model determines the risks your organisation is running.

The 'Gordon' Dependency Model - is a model that converts context and risk to organisational dependencies and demonstrates, for example, worst case scenarios and catastrophic combination of events based on Bayesian and Monte Carlo analysis.

The 'Watson' Crisis Management Model - is a crisis management model that puts an organisation forward of where it was when a crisis struck, not just back to where it was.

The 'Hyperion' Staff Model - is a model that identifies weaknesses and solutions in staff resilience.

The 'Racornir' Model  -  brings the above models together and integrates them into existing processes and procedures.

The 'Lodestone' Model - delivers information 'truth'. In an age when employees spend up to 20% of their time searching for the right information this model delivers true data: engineering, finance, market, management etc.

The 'Drifid' Model - is a technology integration model using patented RFID technologies to deliver cost efficient solutions particularly in the energy and transportation sectors.

The 'R4' Model - is a model that integrates a range of critical infrastructure, organisational, technological, cyber security and economic solutions to provide efficiencies and cost savings in the key oil and gas, health, and logistic sectors.

The 'Risk Based Inward Investment' Model - is a model that identifies the best way of undertakiing a foreign direct investment given the business focus of the organisation that wishes to move abroad.

Note: The above models are trademarks and/or copyright of DCGL  and in some cases licensed exclusively to DCGL by the Copyright holder.

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