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News 2016 - May 2018

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DCGL Trains 360 Sahara Employees in OHSE, 29th April - 1 May 2018.

DCGL trained 360 Sahara Petrochemical employees over 3 days in OHSE awareness in the workplace with particular relevance to Mobile Awareness Training.. Training occurred at Sahara Petrochemicals in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via MEIRC Saudi Arabia and Oasis Taining Bahrain.

DCGL and Oasis Announce 3rd CBCI Course, May 2018

DCGL are pleased to announce that the next CBCI course to be held in conjunction with Oasis Training will gain be held in Bahrain between the 56 and 10th May 2018.


James Royds will be running a CBCI course in Bahrain from 6 May 2018.


If you want to join the course please get in touch using the contact form  or the contact details opposite.

DCGL Trains Ma'aden in EMS and DMS, April 2018

DCGL spent a week training upcoming managers in Enterprise Management Systems and Document Management Systems at Ma'den's Aluminium Plant, Ras Al Khair, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

TrackIT and DCGL Announce RFID Based WIP System, March 2018

TrackIT and DCGL announce that afrer successful international installations, including a major Ordnance Factory , they can now deploy a full RFID based Work In Porgress tracking and minitoring system. If interested please fill in the contact form .

DCGL Sina Facilitates New Dubai Clinic, February 2018

DCGL Sina is pleased to have been involved in the opening of a new clinic in Dubai.The:


Farha Clinics Ployclinic

115 (First Floor)

SIT Tower

Silicon Oasis


(Above Almanara Pharmacy/Baskin Robbins)

+971 4 3922267

+971 4 3922268


is now under the direction of Dr Syed Hasnain Ali Johar.

DCGL Facilitates New Bahrain Conference, 2018

DCGL working with the Univeristy of Bahrain, Univeristy of Northumbria, Oasis Training Bahrain and other UK and Regional Univeristies has facilitated the inauguration of a Sustainability, Resilience, Disaster and Development Conference to be held at the University of Bahrain on 13/14th May 2018. Mored details will follow.

DCGL Delivers Training To SAGIA, 23rd January 2018

On 23rd January 2018 the DCGL CEO had the very real pleasure of training some 25 or so Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority  young management executives (roughly 50/50 men/women)...for anyone who doubts Saudi Arabia's ability to change, to bring women into the workforce, or to reach the 2030 vision  think again... these dynamic, intelligent, western educated,  focused, courteous, well-traveled young people are more than capable of, want to, and are being allowed to, deliver that change.

DCGL and Oasis  Announce 2nd CBCI Course, January 2018

DCGL  and Oasis Training Bahrain are delighted to confirm the continuation of BCI Courses in the Middle East.


James Royds will be running a CBCI course in Bahrain from 26 January 2018.


If you want to join the course please get in touch using the contact form  or the contact details opposite.


DCGL train Ma'aden and Tanees in Saudi Arabia, December 2017

DCGL recently completed Management Training for Ma'aden and Tanees in Saudi Arabia in partnership with Oasis Taining Bahrain and MEIRC Saudi Arabia.

DCGL and TrackIT win KOC POC with MEOFS, 8 November 2017.

DCGL and Invengo today received a commencement letter via MEOFS in Kuwait to begin an RFID warehousing POC for KOC. This project will introduce innovative RFID technology. 

DCGL CEO gives Fintech Training to Kuwait Board, 8 November 2017.

DCGL CEO Maitland Hyslop was delighted to deliver a training session to the Board of a major Kuwait financial institution on Fintech Processes, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain and Bitcoin etc.on behalf of training partners EY and  Oasis Training Centre Bahrain.

DCGL CEO gives talk to Rotary Club, Bahrain, 6 November 2017.

DCGL CEO delivers a talk on 'Obstructive Marketing' and 'Resilience' to an Adliya Rotary Club audience at the Diplomat Radisson Blu, in Manama, Bahrain.

DCGL visits Bahrain International Defence Exhibition 18 October 2017.

DCGL CEO was delighted to be able to attend the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference.


DCGL and TrackIT, our RFID operational partner, have tags that can be placed in military clothing and artefacts to help keep personnel safe and to keep track of inventory.We were also able to meet  friends and acquaintances from the UK defence contingent, Lockheed Martin and Textron (the latter being the principal sponsor).


Thank you to the Bahrain Defence Forces.

DCGL attends Kuwait Oil and Gas Show 16 and 17 October 2017.

DCGL attended KOGS 2017 in Kuwait. We attended with Invengo, our RFID partner, and were delighted to be part of the MEOFS stand.


We were able to discuss upcoming projects with existing and potential clients and ensure we kept up to date with developments in Kuwait.

DCGL and Oasis Announce CBCI Course. 12 October 2017.

DCGL  and Oasis Training Bahrain are delighted to confirm the commencement of BCI Courses in the Middle East.


James Royds will be running a CBCI course in Bahrain from 26 November 2017.


If you want to join the course please get in touch using the contact form .

TrackIT wins Suspicious Baggage Contract. 10 October 2017

TrackIT has won another suspicious baggage tracking contract in the Middle East. The worldwide leaders in suspicious baggage tracking technology now offer with DCGL a full baggage handling product suite. If interested please fill in the contact form .

DCGL and TrackIT Solve RFID Problems. 1 September 2017.

Over the summer of 2017 DCGL has established an excellent working relationship with RFID Integrator TrackIT. This partnership has enabled DCGL to solve a number of RFID site problems for major clients in the Middle East. Together we work in Aviation, Marine, Ports, Oil and Gas and Health. (principally). 

DCGL and Oasis Launch BCI Training 1 September 2017

DCGL and Oasis Training Bahrain are delighted to offer fully accredited BCI Training for Resilience, Risk and Business Continuity Professionals in the Middle East and West/South Asia. Courses start on 26 November 2017 with a CBCI course in Bahrain. The courses will be delivered by James Royds, a former BCI Chairman, and a member of DCGL. If interested reach us through the contact form on this website; alternatively contact Oasis via the website link above. DCGL are thought leaders in this area.

KOGS: DCGL will attend KOGS with MEOFS in October. 31 July 2017

DCGL announce 31 July 2017 that they will attend KOGS with Middle East Oilfield Services. 

 Alfatec, CalSens and Valencia Port, Spain visit 25th - 30th June 2017

DCGL, joined by a UK partner, visited with Alfatec Health Information Systems in Valencia, Spain. We spent time in the impressive development suites -understanding the development process and rehearsing for major client presentations in the Middle East and UK,

We also met with partners CalSens and Valencia Port Foundation in order to further develop joint products and business.

King Fahd International Airport, Iftar, Al Khobar, 3rd June 2017.

King Fahd International Airport held an Iftar at the Kempinski Hotel in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia on 3rd June 2017. CEO of DCGL, Maitland Hyslop, was privileged to attend.Iftar is the meal taken by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan. It is often semi-formalised, such as here, to celebrate between friends and work colleagues. It is one of the great joys of Ramadan for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

DCGL CEO speaks at EI HSE Conference 16th - 18th May 2017.

The Energy Institute HSE Conference, Dubai, 16th - 18th May 2017. DCGL CEO delivered a summary of recent DCGL reasearch into the human aspects of managing dropped objects on oil rigs in order to save oil contractors' money. Mention was also made of similar issues in the aviation industry.

DCGL CEO Dr Maitland Hyslop will be delivering a presentation on HSE in the Oil and Gas Industry at the Energy Institute's Middle East HSE Conference and Workshops at the Movenpick Hotel and Apartments, Bur Dubai, Dubai, 16th - 18th May 2017.

DCGL CEO Gives Key Note Speech. 22nd March 2017.

DCGL's CEO Maitland Hyslop receives a commemorative plaque from the University's Chairman and Founding President Prof. Dr Abdulla Y. Al Hawaj

following his Key Note Speech to Ahlia University's 5th Annual Research Forum in Manama, Bahrain.

AIMS International Security Group.  Al Khobar 20th February 2017.

A meeting of the AIMS International Limnited sponsored Security Group at SMTC/AIMS International Training Centre in Al Khobar.

Invengo Launches New Super Slim Linen Tag. 14th February 2017.

DCGL starts working with Biologics Modular. 10th February 2017.

DCGL have begun a relationship with Biologics Modular. Biologics Modular design and manufacture cGMP modular clean room facilities that tailor to your company’s specific needs. Our final product is based on the inter-modal container platform and designed to fit inside new or existing warehouse spaces. With our flexible, scalable, and transportable modular facilities, we can guarantee a minimized capital cost and shortened production timeline.www.biologicsmodular.com

DCGL start working with Pagero. 1st February 2017

DCGL recently started working with Pagero. Pagero are a Swedish specialist e-ordering/e-invoicing company. Their products save clients money; and in the Middle East their VAT package will be immensely important as VAT is brought into the GCC over the next few years. www.pagero.com

DCGL attend Arab Health in Dubai. 30/31 January 2017.

DCGL at the Spanish health pavilion at Arab Health.

DCGL starts work with Spanish Fibre Optic Sensor Group, CalSens. 16th January 2017.

DCGL starts work with CalSens the Spanish fibre optic sensor company. www.cal-sens.com



DCGL at Intersec 2017 in Dubai. 22nd January 2017.

With HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and entourage at the opening of InterSec 2017 in Dubai.

DCGL Attends Aviation Security Group Dinner. 9 January 2016.

DCGL attended a dinner convening an Aviation Security Group in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

DCGL 4 Years Old Today - 1 December 2016

DCGL's Maitland Hyslop Chartered Marketer Status. 1 November 2016

DCGL's Maitland Hyslop receives his 2016/17 Chartered Marketer certificate at the DCGL/AIMS secretariat office in Bahrain, after a slight postal delay!  Maitland is one of the longest continuous holders of Chartered Marketer status - held now for 18 years. He has been a member/consultant of the Energy Institute/Instititute of Petroleum for 25 years this year, the Chartered Institute of Management for 35 years this year and the Business Continuity Institute for over 10 years.  He is also a member of a number of other UK, USA and European professional organisations.

DCGL Attend Bahrain Capital Club Legal Forum. 31 October 2016.

DCGL attends the Energy and Infrastructure seminar given at the Capital Club Legal Forum by Edward Rose, of Jones Day, and Rupert Copeman-Hill, of Charles Russell Speechlys: majoring on Bahrain and GCC  legal changes and the Saudi 2030 Vision.

DCGL Presentation to ASIS Dubai on 18th October 2016

As part of our core consulting operations DCGL presented ' The Ambigous Nature of Security And The Need For Personal Resilience' at ASIS' Dubai Chapter at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.You can view the presentation in our written work section.

Invengo Training Bahrain and Dubai 10th/11th October 2016

Invengo introduced partners to use cases, readers, antennas, inlays and chips. Brett Green from Invengo USA delivered the training with Gabor Veraart from the Netherlands.

Training took place at the Ramada Hotel in Al Barsha in Dubai, the Bahrain office of DCGL and over Skype to Kuwait and elsewhere. With thanks to the Ramada staff and DCGL/aims staff for their help - but above all to those who attended.

GCC Strategic and Operational Network for Major Manufacturer 10th October 2016

Over the last 6 months DCGL has created a strategic network, i.e.one that operates at a political level, and an operational network, i.e. one that can sell the manufacturers equipment in the GCC, for a major international manufacturer.

Middle East Network for Technology Company 10th October 2016

Over the last 6 months we have created a Middle East Network for a major technology company. If you want to expand into the Middle East let us help you.

Deep Sea RFID 1 October 2016

DCGL/Invengo RFID design system to operate at 2500m and 250 bar.

RFID for Oil Services Company 1 October 2016

DCGL design an innovative RFID installation for a major Middle East Oil Services Company - to include Kanban system.

Tracking for Client In Saudi Arabia 1 September 2016

In  a second successful proof of concept DCGL installed satellite trackers in trucks for a client working in remote Saudi Arabia.

RFID For Middle East Oil Company 1 September 2016

In a ground breaking and confidential proof of concept DCGL completed the installation of RFID to control a number of pieces of active equipment in a major Middle East Oil Facility. 

Amanda Goodger Joins DCGL As Cyber-Security Adviser 1 August 2016

Amanda Goodger has joined DCGL's team as a Cyber-Security Adviser. Amanda has previously been an associate to DCGL. Amanda will maintain her positions at Cambridge and Suffolk Universities in the UK. She has a wide spectrum of Cyber-Security knowledge. Previously she was with the both UK GCHQ and UK CPNI.


She joins Ed Gibson and Chris Laing to make a formidable Critical Information Infrastructure and Cyber-Security Team at DCGL.

Dr Chris Laing Joins DCGL As Cyber-Security Adviser 1 August 2016

Dr Chris Laing has joined DCGL's team as a Cyber-Security Adviser. Chris will maintain his position with Sciendum, the cyber-security specialists. Chris developed the cyber-security expertise at Northumbria University and worked for and with the European Network Information Security Agency for a number of years.


He joins Ed Gibson (formerly of Microsoft's UK Cyber-Security Chief) as a DCGL cyber-security subject matter expert.

Loadmaster Appoints DCGL/AIMS For Middle East 1 July 2016

Loadmaster Industries

DCGL the UK, USA and Middle East based Oil and Gas, Logistics and Health resilience specialist, has been appointed Sales Consultant for Loadmaster Industries Inc. in partnership with AIMS International Co. Ltd. of  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Loadmaster is best known for its Oil Rig Derrick products – and in particular it’s recent innovative and cost effective derrick hook operational capacity upgrade . However, Loadmaster’s focus is to design products that reduce the amount of hands on operation by the drill crews, particularly when it comes to handling drilling tubulars and drilling equipment. Loadmaster Industries Inc. has created drilling rig products such as Bridge Rackers, Tubular Stabbing Arms, Rotating Deadline Anchors, Hydraulic Catheads, Pneumatic Fingerboards, Standbuilding Cranes, Parking Systems and Pneumatic Casing Stabbing Boards, and Loadmaster have more new product ideas being developed on the drawing boards.

AIMS International Co. Ltd. is a logistics led multi-service company for oil and gas, training and security -  based in Al Khobar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Company profiles of AIMS International Co. Ltd. and Loadmaster Industries Inc.. are below.


Loadmaster Industries Profile
Loadmaster Industries.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [8.7 MB]
AIMS International Co Ltd Profile
AIMS International Profile.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [9.3 MB]

James Royds Joins DCGL Senior Team 1 July 2016

James Royds

DCGL are delighted to welcome James Royds to the senior team as a subject matter expert on business continuity and organisational resilience. DCGL's Maitland Hyslop and James have often shared a speaking platform; notably at BCI conferences and fora where their innovative ideas have informed new thinking and contributed to standards. James will independently maintain his existing links with  clients and other companies. With this addition it is fair to say that DCGL now has the strongest Organisational Resilience team in the Middle East. Please see his profile under Senior Team profiles.

AIMS International Co Ltd Iftar Celebration 26 June 2016

AIMS' Iftar Celebration Carlton Hotel Al Khobar 26 June 2016.

DCGL attended AIMS International Co Ltd Iftar celebration at the Carlton Hotel in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on 26th June 2016. Iftar marks the breaking of the day's fast during Ramadan, the month long Islamic daytime fast and one of the five pillars of Islam. Noted as a period of kindness and charity AIMS' celebration reflected both;  and the Grand Mufti's recent comments on how Islamic rituals have everything to do with tolerance and nothing to do with extremism.

DCGL's Maitland Hyslop, a long time member of the Energy Institute (EI) (formerly the Institute of Petroleum) will be presenting at the EI's Effective Management of Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Forum in Abu Dhabi, 17 - 19th October 2016. Venue TBC.

DCGL starts work with Clinic In A Can. May 2016.

DCGL begins work with Clinic In A Can. Clinic In A Can provides a rapidly deployable mobile clinci suitable for extreme locations, disaster management and mass events.

An Honest History of Hacking May 2016

Cyber Security: The WSJ/BitDefender  An Honest History of Hacking is interesting reading...but as our cyber expert Ed Gibson would say you have to be careful of the underlying sources of the figures.

DCGL Runners-Up In Innovation Award May 2016

DCGL' 'Hard Rig' ©  and 'Hard Rail' © were runners up at the 2016 BCI Middle East Innovation Awards. These new products improve operational efficiency and savings in the Oil and Gas and Logistics Sectors; using resilience planning and the 'Northumbria Models'  as a means of delivery.

6th Annual Business Continuity & Emergency Response Forum

6th Business Continuity and Emergency Response Forum Abu Dhabi 21st - 22nd May 2016

DCGL attended the 6th Annual Business Continuity & Emergency Response Forum at the Park Rotana in Abu Dhabi over the period 21st and 22nd May 2016. This was an opportunity to meet old friends, renew acquainatances and contact international and nartonal speakers, clients and attendees. DCGL were runners up in the BCI Middle East Award for Innovation to the worthy winners from Egypt: Estmrarya Academy.

DCGL Shortlisted for BCI Middle East Innovation Award May 2016
DCGL's 'Hard Rig' © makes BCI short-list.
DCGL BCI Shortlist Press Release.docx
Microsoft Word document [66.6 KB]
DCGL Appointed As Invengo Platinum Partner Press Release April 2016
DCGL Invengo Press Release.docx
Microsoft Word document [67.7 KB]

GS1 Standards 29th Global Healthcare Conference Dubai 18 -20 April 2016

The Invengo/DCGL Stand At The GS1 29th Global Health Conference In Dubai April 2016.

DCGL attended the GS1 Standards 29th Global Health Confence 18th - 20th April held at the Marriott Jadaf in Dubai, UAE, as a co-sponsor with partner and principal Invengo. DCGL/Invengo showed how RFID impacts healthcare: RFID in gauze, bandages, sponges, medical instruments; on patients, visitors, permanent and mobile assets; for disease control such as MRSA (making sure people are clean); for surgeons, doctors, and nurses (making sure their hands are clean) etc. The depth and breadth and level of cost saving that can be achieved by using RFID in the treatment and supply chain is truly astonishing when looked at from a holistic perpective - particularly in managing overall costs and the reduction of legal bills. DCGL also introduced Alfatec and Biologics products to the GS1 community.

Welcome to GS1
The Global Language of Business


DCGL are attending the Global GS1 Healthcare Conference at the Marriott Jadaf in Dubai 18-20th April 2016. DCGL will attend with Invengo.

British Embassy Qatar Rail Forum 3rd April 2016

Mini Outside British Embassy Qatar (Courtesy British Embassy Qatar)

Wonderful British designed and British/German engineered Mini car on display outside the British Embassy in Qatar...but actually DCGL attended the Rail Forum hosted by the Embassy and UKTI on 3rd April 2016. DCGL were there to listen and understand developments in the GCC rail marketplace and promote both the Invengo Rail product line (Invengo is the world leading RFID supplier for rail; and a DCGL partner in the Middle East, and Worldwide for rail) and the LMC.

Invengo Awards DCGL Platinum Status 1 April 2016

DCGL formalised its business development agreement with Invengo, the leading RFID supplier and manufacturer, 1st April 2016. This agreement gives DCGL Platinum Status as a reseller in the Middle East and confers some exclusive rights worldwide on the sale of RFID rail technology via its own offices and those of the Last Mile Consortia. Invengo will become the anchor partner of the DCGL Middle East Centre of RFID Excellence in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Invengo is active in all RFID sectors but principally: Rail, Libraries, Oil and Gas, Health.

DCGL completes Middle East Network For Major USA Manufacturer. 31st March 2016.

This month DCGL completed the creation of a strategic and operational network for the sale of a new product into the Middle East market for a major US manufacturer.

1st GCC Logistics Conference

1st GCC Logistics Conference Ritz Carlton Bahrain 30th/31st March 2016

DCGL attended and participated in the 1st GCC Logistics Conference, held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bahrain 30th/31st March 2016.. The conference gave DCGL the opportunity to learn more about Logistics in the Middle East, meet peers and clients and promote the LMC. LMC member and DCGL business advisers Al Tamimi  were sponsors.

DCGL Nominated For BCI Middle East Innovation Award 2016 20th March 2016

OES Group Awarded Spotlight On Technology Award OTC 2016  March 2016

DCGL are delighted to congratulate OES Group on their Spotlight On Technology Award at the Houston, USA, based Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2016 for the OES Dropped Objects Programme. DCGL Staff were Project Director and RFID Technology Director for this Programme 2013 through 2015.

DCGL Attend Middle East Rail Exhibition 8/9th March 2016

DCGL Staff attended the Middle East Rail Exhibition 8/9th March 2016. DCGL staff were thanked by current and past Directors of Etihad Rail for their direction of, management of, and contributions to the Etihad Rail Technology Strategy Project and Report.

Great Britain Stand at Middle East Rail Exhibition 2016

DCGL Attend British Embassy Reception For Middle East Rail 7th March 20th March 2016

DCGL Staff attended a British Embassy (Dubai) Reception for the Middle East Rail Exhibition hosted by the British Consul General for Dubai Paul Fox. The opportunity was taken to present views to the UK's Under-Secretary For State For Transport Claire Perry, and meet fellow attendees in the wonderful setting of the British Embassy's Dubai Consulate.


Claire Perry addressing guests at the British Embassy (Dubai) 7 March 2016

DCGL Attend LMC Rail Forum 7th March 2016

DCGL Staff attended the Last Mile Consortia (LMC) Forum on 7th March 2016. The opportunity was taken to present to  the Board and Members of LMC and meet the CEO and Chairman of the Middle East Association, Peter Meyer.The LMC is a Middle East Association initiative.


Scott Medford Chairman of LMC and Sales Director of DCGL Partner Invengo addressing Middle East Rail Exhibition 9th March 2016

DCGL Attend Grand Opening Of Asdal Gulf Inn, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain 21 February 2016

DCGL Staff attended the Grand Opening of the Asdal Gulf Inn, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain on 21 February 2016. DCGL Staff have stayed in the hotel and given some assistance pre-launch and post-launch. DCGL Staff met a number of Diplomats and local dignataries at the opening. Asdal Gulf Inn is a good value and welcoming hotel close to the DCGL office in Manama.

Asdal Gulf Inn,Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, Opening 21st February 2016

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