Case Studies

Here are some brief, anonymised, case studies demonstrating what we do:

Case Study 1: This multi-national was suffering an 'Obstructive Marketing' campaign which was identifying the buying pattern of raw materials for the company's products nine months ahead of time. This affected the company's share price. DCGL traced the issue to an outsourced service company.


Case Study 2: This oil and gas MNC thought 5% of its network was connected to the Internet. DCGL discovered it was 85% ; and introduced appropriate network and cyber-security measures.


Case Study 3: DCGL introduced this company to the EMEA. (Number of examples).


Case Study 4: DCGL streamlined a health organisation by introducing a patient risk dependency model and re-oriented all services in line with the model - saving $MM.


Case Study 5: DCGL saved this logistics company 30% in costs by introducing efficient tracking and management software.


Case Study 6: This government institution had no business continuity planning and an outdated risk register. DCGL introduced a proper risk register, carried out a business impact analysis, developed the business continuity plan and team, and then introduced an organisational resilience program.


Case Study 7: Jet Fuel was being lost from a major Middle East airport. DCGL solved the problem.


Case Study 8: A major MNC was being distracted by unwarranted attention to a subisidiary. DCGL identified why and the problem was resolved. 


Case Study 9: This company suffered from massive cost rises in materials within its supply chain. DCGL negotiated better deals and alternate sources thereby making the supply chain more resilient.


Case Study 10: This major MNC was suffering 'leakage' in its supply chain. DCGL introduced RFID and the problem was resolved.

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