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DCGL Capabilities

DCGL Capabilities
A brief presentation on who DCGL is and what DCGL does.
DCGL Capabilities 6 Apr 16 V11.0.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [119.9 KB]

DCGL RFID Information

DCGL RFID Capabilities
DCGL RFID 1 Mar 16 V3.0.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [617.6 KB]
DCGL FTD and OHIO Approach to RFID
DCGL RFID FTD and OHIO 5 Mar 16 V2.0.ppt[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [141.3 KB]
DCGL Short Brief RFID for Hotels. 2nd April 2017.
DCGL Short Brief RFID for Hotels.docx
Microsoft Word document [66.9 KB]
DCGL Short Brief RFID for Health. 2nd April 2017.
DCGL Short Brief Invengo Health RFID.doc[...]
Microsoft Word document [66.9 KB]
DCGL Prince 2 Site Survey RFID and Networks. 2nd April 2017.
DCGL Prince 2 Site Survey RFID and Netwo[...]
Microsoft Word document [217.5 KB]

The Ambiguous Nature of Security and Personal Resilience

DCGL Ambiguity of Security and the Importance of Personal Resilience
Presentation to ASIS 19th October 2016.
DCGL Ambiguity of Security.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [403.5 KB]

Dropped Object Prevention In The Oil and Gas Industry

DCGL Dropped Objects Presentation for Energy Institute 18th October 2016
DCGL Dropped objects Middle East HSE Tec[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [121.8 KB]

Solve RFID Problems With DCGL

Asymmetric Warfare And The Migrant Crisis

On Aviation Cyber Security

The Ambiguous Nature Of Security

Personal Resilience and a Personal Reflection

Phusion IM Getting To Truthful Data

Resilience The Oldest Olive Tree Is Still Producing Olives

Putin and Scotland Win Brexit Vote

NHS Health Revolution Required

OTC Week - what's new for oil and gas rigs.

Derricks and Dereks

Clinic In A Can

Overground, Underground...

Droning On 1...

Servicing The Oil and Gas Industry For Less Cost

Big Data

Hazards, Risks and Disasters In Society

DCGL contributed to the recent book edited by Professor Andrew Collins et al. Specifically Chapter 10: Cyber Security Threats In Society. Available online and from all good bookshops.


'VIPER' Courses now available.

Our acclaimed 'VIPER' courses are now generally available for businesses, organisations, chambers of commerce, etc. These courses introduce travellers and exporters to the likely challenges to be faced working abroad. Presented by Kenn Griffiths and Mark Lowe they bring both a traveller's perspective and a foreigner's perspective to bear on the difficulties of travelling abroad. See the presentation under Security and Travel below to obtain an idea of what these courses look at.

Security Concerns During Travel and Assignment

Our presentation on 'Security Concerns During Travel and Assignment' is now available. This takes a look at what to look out for when travelling on business. Written in conjunction with Kenn Griffiths, PI, and Mark Lowe, Journalist, and a 'MUST HAVE' for the frequent traveller.

DCGL Security and Travel Presentation
Outlines the DCGL Security and Travel Courses.
DCGL Security and Travel Presentation.p[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.2 MB]

DCGL 'Obstructive Marketing' book now available.

Routedge's 'Obstructive Marketing' authored by Maitland Hyslop is available from Amazon and all good booksellers.Now in paperback.

DCGL 'Critical Infrastructures' book now available.

'Critical Information Infrastructures: Resilience and Protection' authored by Maitland Hyslop is available from Amazon and all good booksellers. Now in Paperback.

DCGL 'Advanced Inventory Management' book for Oil/Gas/Fluids now available.

DCGL have authored a short book on Inventory Management principally directed at the oil/gas/fluids market. This is available from Amazon/Kindle.

DCGL White Paper No.3 An Introduction To Obstructive Marketing (In Presentation Format)

Originally defined by a DCGL Partner Obstructive Marketing is any process that tries to deny an organisation the opportunity of developing, usually globally, as it wishes. This is an introductory presentation on the subject.

DCGL Whitepaper No.3 An Introduction to Obstructive Marketing
An introduction to DCGL's original Obstructive Marketing ideas.
DCGL White Paper No.3 An Introduction to[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.0 MB]

DCGL White Paper No. 2 on Inward Investment Available

DCGL White Paper No.2 on a Criterion-Based approach to Inward Investment is now available.

This is the DCGL approach to Inward Investment.
This is the DCGL criterion-based marketing approach to Inward Investment. It tells you some of the things you need to know to manage inward investment on a small budget.
DCGL White Paper 2 II.doc
Microsoft Word document [564.5 KB]

DCGL White Paper No.1 on Business Continuity Available

DCGL White Paper No.1 on our new approach to Business Continuity is now available.

The DCGL Approach to Business Continuity
This is an abridged version. If you would like the full white paper please fill in the contact form.
DCGL Whitepaper 1 Abridged.docx
Microsoft Word document [326.2 KB]

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